Terms and Conditions

1    Charges - We do not charge deposit - A standard charge of £20 per day plus VAT for a small van. A full seven day (week) hire is charged at £120 plus VAT. Charges for damage / neglect / repairs / administration / fuel replenishment / valet and recovery may also apply if applicable. You will be invoiced after a short term hire (up to two weeks) or every month for continuous hire. You agree to pay the invoices within 14 days of the date of invoice

2    Mileage - A daily maximum mileage restriction applies / mileage above 110 miles per day is charged at 0.25 pence per mile. You agree to the mileage excess charged at this rate.

3    Damage and general condition of vehicle. A full video walk around of the vehicle (inside and outside) is taken with the initial driver at the beginning of the hire period and again another video is taken with the final driver on return of the vehicle. You will be charged for and you agree to pay for any interior or exterior damage. You will be charged for and you agree to pay for valet costs if we deem the vehicle to require a valet. You will be charged for and you agree to pay if any of the vehicle equipment is damaged or not working. If your insurance company does not cover the repairs that are necessary to make the vehicle to the same standard as shown at the start of the hire period you will be charged for and you agree to pay us to carry out these repairs and in addition you will be charged for and you agree to pay £25 plus VAT per day the vehicle is off the road.

4    Vehicle off Road - The vehicle will be required to be serviced and MOT'd by ourselves. We will require the vehicle to be back with ourselves to carry this out. You are not expected to pay for the days the vehicle will be off the road in this circumstance. If the vehicle is required to be off the road as a result of damage being caused to the vehicle or mechanical repairs as a result of your insurance not covering repairs that you are liable for, you agree to continue the hire agreement until such time the vehicle is returned to ourselves in the condition that you received it.

5    Insurance - We do not provide any insurance for you to drive our vehicles. You are legally required for any driver to have appropriate insurance cover. You as the hirer must provide fully comprehensive insurance for the vehicle to cover any drivers for the full length of the hire period. A cover document from your insurance company must be provided before the start of any hire period. The cover document  (certificate of motor insurance) must state the registration of our vehicle that you are hiring and dates included for the proposed period of hire.

6    Road offences - traffic violations - speeding and parking tickets / charges. You are fully responsible to pay for any parking, congestion charges or fines. You must provide the drivers details for any legal offences such as speeding or any driving offence. You are fully responsible for the acceptance of any driving offence whilst you are the hirer. Any traffic violations are the responsibility of the hirer. You agree to pay an administration charge if we are involved in handling these offences. 

7    Fuel - The vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. All vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel. If we are required to replenish fuel (to top up to a full tank on return of the vehicle) you will be charged at the pump price plus an administration charge of £15

8    Telematics - A full telematics / tracking unit is fitted to the vehicle. This reports to a web-site that can accurately report on the position and driving style of the vehicle when on hire. Firstly you agree that we can track the vehicle when on hire to yourself. Secondly we will provide you with Login details so that you can track the vehicle for yourself. The telematics device will provide information on the driving behaviour / style and location of the vehicle. 

9    Beacon - A roof beacon is fitted and must only be used where safe and appropriate to do so.

10   Witness Camera - A Blackvue witness camera is fitted for front view recording with sound. The camera works by saving information on a data card. This information can be retrieved from this card. The recording system enables the card to record on a 'loop' which means that after some time the data stored will be deleted and newer data will be recorded. Therefore if you require any data to be retrieved from the card you must contact us at the soonest available opportunity.

11   Chevrons -The vehicle has half chevrons on the rear - the chevrons are Chapter 8 compliant.

12   SatNav - Satellite Navigation system is provided and you are asked to keep this in the glovebox whilst not in use.

13   First Aid and Fire Extinguisher - you must return the vehicle with a full fire extinguisher and full first aid kit as supplied. You will be charged and you agree to pay for any missing or used items.

14   Vehicle TAX and MOT - we ensure that the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate and valid vehicle road tax for the period of your hire.

15   What to do if you are involved in an accident or the vehicle is lost or stolen. You must inform us as soon as possible to make us aware of the circumstances. In the event that the vehicle has been lost or stolen you agree to continue the hire agreement on a weekly basis until the vehicle is returned to ourselves in the condition you received it. You also agree that if your insurance company do not cover the loss you are required to pay ourselves for our losses at the full retail value and you agree to continue the hire agreement until we are fully financially reimbursed.

16   Vehicle Repairs - You are not permitted to carry out any repairs to the hired vehicle. If you believe the vehicle requires any repairs you must contact us immediately and we will guide you to our approved repairers.

17   Termination of hire agreement - you agree we have the right to terminate the hire agreement for any reason at any time. We also agree that you can terminate the agreement at any time. You agree that in each case you are liable for the hire fee until the vehicle is returned to us in the condition you received it.

18   Your use of our hire vehicle and your responsibilities as the hirer - you agree to look after the vehicle and keep it locked at all times when not in use. You agree not to leave the keys in an easily accessible place or left in the vehicle unattended. You agree to stop using the vehicle if you have found any fault with it and you must contact us at that point to determine the safest and correct course to proceed. You agree to check the coolant and oil level at regular intervals - these intervals are set out in the owners manual which you must adhere to. Failure to check these levels could result in engine damage that you will be held responsible for and you agree that charges to fully repair this will be forwarded on to you and you agree to pay.

19   Maximum weights - The owners manual is in the vehicle glove box (and must remain stored in the glove box for reference). This manual informs you of the maximum weights allowable to be carried in the vehicle. You must adhere to this information at all times.

20   Our right to uplift the hire vehicle and terminate the hire agreement - You agree that we have the right to uplift our vehicle at any time and terminate the hire agreement at any time for any reason. If we need to recover the vehicle you will be charged and you agree to pay for the appropriate recovery charge including administration and distance to travel charges.

21   Driving License - You agree to provide us with the copies of the driving licenses for any person that is intended to drive our vehicle. We must have copies of licenses before any person is permitted to drive our vehicle.

22   By signing this statement of terms and conditions you agree to all paragraphs 1 to 22 written above. Please read all sections carefully and if there is anything you are unsure of or do not fully understand please contact us prior to signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions.This agreement is the entire agreement between you and us concerning the hiring of our vehicle and cannot be altered unless agreed to in writing and signed by yourself and ourselves.

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